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What are the grades of porcelain?

February 23, 2022

It is the hometown of Chinese porcelain. Porcelain is one of the most representative works of art in China. The fineness of porcelain is also affected by many factors, such as soil, technology, temperature and so on. These factors have created different grades of ceramic art. Art is a special commodity and belongs to the wealth of the spiritual world.

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1. Top porcelain is China's official porcelain. As the name suggests, official porcelain is the porcelain fired by the official monopoly. It integrates the top porcelain making technology at that time and is exclusively used by the royal family. The development history of official porcelain is the development history of Chinese porcelain and world porcelain, so Chinese official porcelain is the world's top porcelain.

2. The second kind of porcelain is for nobles below the emperor. This kind of porcelain is an article burned to the nobility in the official kiln. It is second-class because it has no signature.

3. The third kind of porcelain is the reception used by the government for entertainment and some important activities. The porcelain fired by the government belongs to freelance. This kind of porcelain has certain value in technology and design.

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