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The significance of ceramics to Chinese traditional culture

February 23, 2022

Ceramic culture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, the product of the high development of national culture, the crystallization of national culture and the great invention of our country. Through exquisite ceramic art, superb porcelain making technology and thousands of years of accumulation, it has finally become the national porcelain making center.

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Ceramics is the symbol of China. Part of the history of Chinese ceramics is the image of China in Chinese history and the history of Chinese national culture. The civilization relics of different times precipitated over 5000 years have become the most precious cultural heritage of mankind and will be handed down from generation to generation. Porcelain has a long history, rich connotation and authority. China's exquisite porcelain making technology and unique porcelain making customs also show strong ceramic cultural connotation and form an outstanding representative of unique resources, which is the heritage left by our ancestors. Chinese ceramic culture is rich in connotation. One part is the material culture represented by a large number of ruins, workshops and artifacts, and the other part is the intangible culture characterized by the technology, folk customs and system formed in the process of making porcelain for thousands of years.

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