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What kinds of chopsticks are there?

February 22, 2022

There are many kinds of chopsticks. They are tools for storing chopsticks. Now there are many materials of chopsticks on the market, including plastic, bamboo, ceramic and stainless steel. We can choose to buy according to our own needs.

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1. Ceramic chopstick barrel

It is made of high-quality ceramic materials and fired at high temperature. The metal frame is beautiful and solid, environmental protection and hygiene. The glaze is white and smooth, not easy to stick and stain, and it is safe to use.

2. Plastic chopstick barrel

It adopts high-quality environmental protection ABS material, which is durable, smooth without hard edges, smooth without hurting hands. It increases the thickened chopstick barrel, which is affordable, not afraid of water, easy to clean and practical.

3. Stainless steel chopsticks support

It adopts high-quality electroplated metal, which is smooth and safe, does not hurt hands and is durable. Clean, easy to drain, not easy to breed bacteria.

4. Bamboo chopsticks tube

Selected natural bamboo, carbonized at high temperature, fine and dense, hard and wear-resistant, not easy to crack, deform and drop slag. Chopsticks are ventilated all over the body to accelerate air drying and prevent mildew. Bamboo is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe to use.

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