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Why do ceramic spoons have holes?

February 22, 2022

As we all know, ceramic tableware is used in daily life, including cups, spoons, plates, bowls, casseroles, sugar cans, milk cans, spoons, etc. Did you notice a hole in the spoon? What do you think is the reason? Is it saving materials? Is it difficult to clean? Do you know the function of the small hole on the ceramic spoon?

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Since ancient times, people have used ropes to string up ceramic spoons and hang them on their waist when they go out, which is convenient for eating at any time. When the ancients fired porcelain, they produced it in batch at one time. Spoon burning inevitably took up a certain space. And the price of spoon is not as high as that of other porcelain. If it takes up a lot of space to burn porcelain spoons, the benefit to a ceramic factory is very small. In terms of production, it is because hanging in the kiln is convenient for firing, saves space, and helps to make the spoon fire uniform and avoid scratching when hanging. In short, it is convenient to burn and make the finished spoon more beautiful. In this way, not only the output is increased, but also the porcelain spoon is heated more evenly, and the glaze will be smoother and more beautiful.

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