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How to paste paper decals on ceramic bowls?

February 21, 2022

In our daily life, we often see various exquisite patterns on ceramic bowls and plates for dinner. They are very beautiful and exquisite. The patterns on ceramics are not only resistant to high temperature, but also do not fall off and change color. But how are these designs made? Ceramics is a traditional handicraft in ancient China, which embodies China's history and culture for thousands of years. Ceramic technology has made continuous progress. At present, decal technology is the main pattern of daily-use ceramics.

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1. Design paper

According to the shape of ceramic white body, the designer began to design flower face. The overall design of Hualian is a series of theme design. The design of Hualian color should be done according to the ceramic color process, rather than play at will. Generally speaking, the richer the color, the higher the cost of the surface.

2. Ceramic Decal technology.

The design of flower paper printed by the flower paper factory, the effect that the designer wants to achieve is a good work. Then stick the paper on the ceramic BIW. Soak the white embryo in water for half an hour before applique, and then paste it on the paper. After the water is completely dry (including the water absorbed by the white fetus), it can be put into the oven for more than 3 hours.

3. Ceramic baking.

Baking in the tunnel kiln is a slow process, which takes about four hours to complete. The kiln temperature is controlled at about 800 degrees. In this way, a beautiful ceramic work came out.

4. Make a white tire shape.

Many daily-use ceramic tableware enterprises design appropriate ceramic white samples according to orders or local customs and trends. The process is cumbersome. It takes a lot of money and manpower to design a white shape, mold opening and trial firing.

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