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Classification of ceramic cups

February 21, 2022

As a frequently used food contact container in daily life, cup products have different materials for consumers to choose, and different materials reflect different product characteristics. Usually, they have beautiful shapes, various patterns and a very broad market.

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1. Colorless glaze: a ceramic cup with colorless inner wall. The main component is clay. After high-temperature calcination, a layer of glaze will be formed on the clay surface. Generally speaking, this glaze is free of harmful substances.

2. Underglaze color ceramic cup: This cup is first made of pigment and calcined at high temperature. The treated pigment will be stored under the glaze. Even if it is brewed with hot water, harmful substances will not leak out.

3. Glazed ceramic cup: this kind of cup is first coated with glaze and then baked and dried. It is easy to exude harmful substances during use, which is harmful to human health. It is not recommended to use.

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