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Precautions for use of glass tea set

February 21, 2022

In life, many people will choose to use glass tea sets, because glass tea sets are not only beautiful and generous, but also healthy objects and artifacts for brewing all kinds of famous tea. The glass tea set is crystal clear, healthy material, lead-free and cadmium free, which makes people feel at ease. Tea sets are becoming more and more popular now. However, some problems should be paid attention to when using glass tea sets.

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1. Clean the tea set before use

For tea sets purchased for the first time, wash them carefully before use. Dust falls on the glass tea set when it is not in use. We can wash it with diluted vinegar or lemon juice. On the one hand, it can eliminate the bacteria produced in the production process, on the other hand, it can also remove the peculiar smell in the pot, so that the taste of tea soup will not be affected when we make tea.

2. Heat the cup before making tea

Most of today's glass teapots are borosilicate glass, which is resistant to high temperature. Each glass product has its own heating limit. If the temperature difference changes too much, it is easy to burst, especially in winter. Therefore, it is best to clean the tea set with warm water before use, so as to increase the temperature of the tea set, prevent bursting and adapt to the temperature of boiling water.

3. It needs to be cleaned after use

People who choose glass teapots are easy to leave tea stains and even peculiar smell, which not only lacks beauty, but also affects the next brewing. It can be washed directly with water or detergent. You should wipe off the water stains with a towel or dry them upside down.

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