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What are the advantages of porcelain over glassware, plastic and stainless steel?

February 20, 2022

Because we commonly use China as tableware, meals need to use a variety of tableware, glassware, plastic, stainless steel and other tableware, so what are their advantages?How are they comparable?What are the advantages of our porcelain?

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1.Compared with glass, the decorative patterns on China look more beautiful. Porcelain because of its white background and high firing temperature, it is easier to print beautifully or remove film, while glass can not pass through transparent glass walls and low temperature printing or remove film.

2. Compared with plastic, porcelain is much heavier, which is in line with adults' perception of weight.

3. Compared with stainless steel, porcelain is easier to print beautifully on or design beautifully.

4.They have their own strengths and can be chosen according to their own needs.Of course, porcelain is the best choice compared to others.

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