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Is it safe to decorate ceramics with metal?

February 20, 2022

The rim of the bowl is made of heavy metal, more than toxic. When you buy tableware, you can always see colorful silver and porcelain tableware with phnom penh, but actually these silver ware with phnom penh is neither gold nor silver, but lead, chromium and other heavy metals. Lead can affect mental development, blood, liver and bones, and can eventually lead to cancer.

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1. Try to buy in regular markets and supermarkets, not cheap stalls and trolleys.

2. Do not use glazed decoration, especially on food surfaces that come in contact with decorative ceramic cutlery.

3. Choose underglaze color or glaze color is safe, looks bright, smooth, feel smooth. The color inside does not directly touch the food.

4. Try to choose lead-free glazed tableware or white porcelain tableware.

5. ceramic tableware before use, boil 5 minutes or soak 2 ~ 3 hours with vinegar, can remove most toxic substances.

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