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How many processing techniques are there for ceramics?

February 19, 2022

Ceramic cups account for a large part of the utensils we use. Why do people choose ceramics? The reason is that compared with other materials, ceramics have many advantages: strong plasticity, unique shape, smooth porcelain surface, simple cleaning, baking of high-temperature resistant materials, non-toxic and harmless, and even some materials are beneficial to health. Many people like these advantages.

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1. Baking

Baked flowers are also called decals. Colored paper is a kind of film printed with patterns. Stick the finished paper on the cup. The coated paper is required to be smooth on the cup, with no bubbles in the middle and no folds in the printing part. Otherwise, the cup is easy to burst when baking at high temperature, and some decals should be pasted manually. Put the cup with flower paper into the kiln and bake it at high temperature. The baking temperature is controlled by the color of the paper and the material of the ceramic cup. This means that different colors need to be cooked at different temperatures in order to make better products.

2. Thermal sublimation

Thermal sublimation transfer refers to the process of using thermal sublimation transfer inkjet printer and thermal sublimation transfer ink to print portraits, landscapes, figures and other pictures on thermal sublimation transfer paper in a mirror way, then heating to about 200 ℃, and sublimating the thermal transfer ink on the paper to the substrate through thermal transfer equipment. It is a new technology to transfer the color image on paper to textile, porcelain cup, porcelain plate, metal and other materials.

3. Carving

Laser engraving can also be used for ceramic engraving. As long as the designed pattern is done, the rest can be done with a laser machine. Compared with traditional engraving technology, laser engraving has the characteristics of high speed, complex engraving patterns and suitable for mass production.

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