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How to identify and select glasses?

February 19, 2022

Usually when we buy water glasses, many people prefer glasses. After that, the glass material has stable performance, will not precipitate harmful substances, and will not have chemical reaction with beverages. The glass surface is smooth and easy to clean. Glass, what's the difference between them? How can I judge the quality of the glasses I buy? How to identify and select glasses?

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1. Logo trademark: whether it is a well-known manufacturer, or whether the company has a special trademark and supports bar code.

2. The appearance shall be smooth, transparent and beautiful without cracks, scratches and dirt. The cup should be smooth and free from burrs, bubbles and stains that damage the skin.

3. The sealing ring and silicone sealing ring parts in contact with drinking water will adhere after soaking in boiling water, and there should be no obvious change in appearance.

4. Packaging: beautiful appearance, the cheapest carton, slightly better handbag, gift box, etc.

5. Fast temperature resistance: there shall be no defects affecting the use such as water leakage, cracking and damage when pouring boiled water.

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