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Comparison between hand painted ceramics and underglaze color technology

February 19, 2022

Hand painted ceramics and underglaze color are two common ceramic processes. Hand painted ceramics are elements with a relatively high degree of human participation. Quality and speed are directly related to technical level. Underglaze color is automatically operated by the machine. Workers only need to place the blank in the corresponding position, and the machine can complete the underglaze color printing operation.

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Common ground:

1. For common types of ceramics, bowls, plates and cups can be hand painted and glazed, and the inner and outer walls can be treated.

2. Everyone can make color pictures.

3. The price gap is not big.

4. These two designs are usually decorated to completely cover the entire surface of the container.


Hand drawn patterns will have obvious circular patterns, and the colors can have many colorful shades. The underglaze color can only use one color, and can only use two colors at most, but the underglaze color is more diverse. It is usually a very vivid and complex pattern, rather than the pattern represented by the circle.

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