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Uses and advantages of creative cups

February 18, 2022

Ceramic cup is a drinking cup with ceramic handle, which is used for drinking drinks, tea, etc. Creative ceramic water cup is to add more creative patterns or special shapes to the shape of the cup body through special processes, which is not limited to the usual manufacturing methods. The pattern on the cup can be painted with your favorite pattern, which can be photos of lovers or lovely animated characters.

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1. The Creative Cup is used frequently: everyone is using it.

2. Many people use the Creative Cup: gifts from any scene and any crowd.

3. Long service life of Creative Cup: no loss.

4. The Creative Cup is more portable: a more flexible mobile advertising carrier in daily life.

5. Creative Cup advertising area: print slogans on the cup for free.

6. As promotional materials or gifts for enterprises, the Creative Cup is cheap, and the cup can be printed with logo, telephone, address, relevant product pictures and other information.

7. Purpose of Creative Cup: enterprise anniversary promotion, holiday gift distribution, activity souvenirs, meetings, real estate opening, etc.

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