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Tips on using ceramic tableware in daily life

February 18, 2022

Ceramic tableware is an essential item in our daily life. It is widely used in diet, such as dishes, tea sets, drinking utensils, as well as ceramic items used in daily life, such as ceramic vases, containers, etc. But is it good or bad to choose daily-use ceramics? How to use ceramic tableware correctly?

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1. Daily ceramic products are loved by many people. They are highly decorative, very practical and have many advantages. The surface is smooth and bright and easy to clean.

2. Good thermal stability. Because the heat transfer is slow, it will not break easily even if the temperature changes. It is a poor heat conductor, so it is suitable for holding boiling water or very hot food.

3. It is chemically stable and has lasting effect. It is also resistant to acid, alkali and atmospheric carbonate, so it is not easy to rust due to chemical reaction.

4. Low water absorption, suitable for food storage. After sealing, keep the food moisture and protect the food from bacterial contamination.

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