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Where is the charm of hand-painted ceramics?

February 17, 2022

Hand painted ceramics refers to the art of freehand painting on ceramics, which is the art of painters painting on ceramics. It is unique and has high artistic value. It is a good choice for collection and gift. But why do so many people like it and use it? What charm does it have to make people fall in love with it?

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Hand painted ceramics are common tableware at home. Exquisite hand-painted ceramics can make diners feel happy and the food tastes more delicious. In this age of etiquette, exquisite plates are even more impressive. They can not only be used to hold food, but also have unique patterns and can be hung on the wall like a picture. It has good heat resistance and releases toxic substances at high temperature. The glass plate is easy to clean, but the heat resistance is poor. Plastic plate will release toxic substances under high temperature, which is unsafe. Therefore, buying ceramics is the best choice.

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