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How to remove peculiar smell in glass sealed cans?

February 16, 2022

Glass sealed cans are one of our commonly used daily necessities, which are mainly used to hold things. However, the sealed cans containing food will inevitably leave the taste of food. How can the glass sealed cans remove the smell?

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1. Baking soda: put hot water into a glass sealed jar, pour in an appropriate amount of baking soda, cover it, shake it vigorously, and finally stand for a few minutes, pour out the water and clean it.

2. Toothpaste: squeeze a little toothpaste and brush it inside and outside with a toothbrush, especially the jar with peculiar smell. After washing, there will be a fresh smell of toothpaste in the jar.

3. Boiled water: if the odor is not very heavy, you can boil it with boiled water, fill the glass jar with boiled water, cover it, pour out the water after cooling and rinse it.

4. Lemon peel: put the fresh lemon peel into the glass jar, cover it, and rinse the jar again after about four or five hours. You will find that the taste is gone, and there is a fresh taste.

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