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Is it safe to use a glass water bottle?

February 15, 2022

A cold water kettle is a household appliance. In hot weather, you can drink cold drinks faster. Among them, glass cold water bottles are commonly used, and some people are worried about the safety of glass cold water bottles. Is it safe to drink water in a glass cold kettle?

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Generally speaking, the glass used in most glass cold kettles is made of silica or high borosilicate, which is a relatively safe inorganic material and will not react with the liquid in the container. Among many materials used to make cold water pots, it is the safest one. However, it should be noted that there is a kind of crystal glass material, which contains lead. Although the glass cold water kettle made of lead will not release harmful substances to the human body, if it is used to hold drinks, drinks and other liquids, the lead will dissolve out and endanger human health. When choosing a glass cold kettle, be sure to avoid choosing a glass cold kettle made of leaded glass.

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