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Can I drink hot water with a glass straw?

February 14, 2022

Glass straw is very common in life. For environmental protection, many people use glass straw instead of plastic straw, which is convenient and easy to clean. The crystal clear glass is not only beautiful, but also can see the color of drinks through the glass and the ingredients of drinks such as pearls and coconuts. It makes you feel like you want to drink. It is a beautiful and practical straw.

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Glass straw can drink hot water, but not very hot water. Generally speaking, glass straws are preferred for beauty and environmental protection because they are transparent and have smooth internal and external surfaces. Even if there is dirt, it is easy to observe and thoroughly clean. This is the advantage of glass straw. The glass straw is really easy to use, and the happiness of drinking water has also improved a lot. However, glass straws also have no taste. Everyone needs to be careful when using them to find out whether they are broken after drinking water. Generally, it is safe to buy high borosilicate glass and glass straw with thickness and hardness, but try to avoid mixing with glass straw.

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