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Buying skills of baking tray

February 14, 2022

Now we have entered the era of electrical appliances. More and more electrical appliances have entered our daily life, brought us great convenience and become an indispensable part of our life. Speaking of baking pan, more and more people are beginning to understand it. Its convenience is that it can make all kinds of delicious food. However, when choosing a baking tray, how should I buy it?

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1. See the size

Generally speaking, there is enough space to expand during baking. You need to buy a larger baking tray to bake a certain amount of food. The most important thing is that the size of the baking pan should match the size of the oven in your home. The selected baking pan should be shorter than the internal specification of the oven, so as to ensure heat and air circulation and make you bake perfect food.

2. Choose color

The baking tray comes in a variety of colors, such as dark and light. Dark baking pans absorb heat faster and are easy to bake cookies and even burn, so don't choose dark aluminum baking pans with black coating. Because of the coating of non stick pan materials, most non stick pan baking pans are dark in color, so don't choose this kind of deep pan.

3. See the thickness

The baking tray bought on the market is relatively light and thin. It is easy to deform under high temperature baking in the oven, which makes the food heated unevenly. Thick baking plates can slowly heat food to form beautiful colors.

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