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The Benefits of glass

February 13, 2022

The raw material of glass is borosilicate glass, which is fired at high temperature. It is a new type of environmental tea cup, more and more favored by people. Although glass is transparent and beautiful, it needs to be placed carefully.

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1. Material: The cup is made of borosilicate glass with high transparency, abrasion resistance, smooth surface, easy cleaning and hygiene.

2. Structure: the cup body adopts heat insulation design to keep the temperature of tea soup, which is not hot and convenient to drink.

3. Leakproof: the inner and outer layers of the lid and sealing ring meet safety standards to effectively prevent leakage.

4. Suitable for tea: black tea, green tea, pu 'er tea, scented tea, etc. With a soup-colored panorama, it can enhance the taste of life.

5. Process: high temperature firing, strong adaptability to temperature change, not easy to burst.

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