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Elements of choosing a baking tray

February 13, 2022

Baking pan is an essential tool for baking. It is in direct contact with food. It should be carefully selected for food safety and family health. In addition to material factors, we should pay more attention to the heat resistance and material hardness of the baking pan.

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1. Heat resistance

The thermal conductivity and heat resistance of the baking tray are the characteristics that every baking appliance should have. When selecting the baking tray, we should distinguish the material of the baking tray.

2. Material hardness

Like all molds, the baking pan should be careful not to deform when in use. Once deformed, it is difficult to restore the original appearance.

3. Coating

Whether the baking pan is stuck is one of the important properties of the baking pan. The material of the coating determines its good performance, so you must polish your eyes when choosing.

4. Water separation

The water separation of the baking pan is the primary consideration. The baking pan is used to hold baking products, and the non stick baking pan is the first. No matter whether its water repellency is good or not, it is easier to demould the baking pan with good water separation in cake or bread, otherwise it will damage its beauty and integrity.

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