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Why should ceramics be glazed?

February 12, 2022

Glaze is a layer of colorless or colored glass covering the surface of ceramic products. Glazed ceramics are generally divided into three layers, the outermost layer is glaze, the middle layer is the middle layer of glaze, and the inner layer is glaze, so the surface of the body is called glaze. The ceramic body without glaze firing is called matrix or plain matrix.

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The so-called glazing means that when firing ceramics, the green body is fired first, then glazed, and then fired. The purpose of glazing is to improve the surface performance of ceramic body and increase the aesthetic feeling of products. Generally, the surface of sintered body is rough, dull, easy to stain, and the color is uneven due to the crystal image in the body. Glaze firing can change these properties. Glaze paste is made by grinding, coating on the surface of the body and calcining at a certain temperature. It can increase the thermal stability of products, beautify utensils, facilitate cleaning, leave no dirt and reduce corrosion.

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