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Why is ceramic cup a great idea for developing gifts?

February 11, 2022

In daily life, people like to drink all kinds of drinks. It is common to pack drinks in ceramic cups and give gifts as gifts. Compared with other kinds of cups, plastics, glass and other materials, ceramic cups have unique characteristics because of their materials, manufacturing process and technological process.

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1. Safety and hygiene of ceramic cup materials

Raw materials are made of clay or mixtures containing clay, and ceramic cups of various shapes are made by calcination and molding. They do not contain metal minerals, non-toxic and harmless, and will not cause any harm to human health. They are also environmentally friendly. Even if they break, they will not cause pollution. The glaze on the surface is also very healthy. After the color decoration of the cup, food safety pigments will be used to ensure the beautiful decoration of the cup and the safety of consumers.

2. Ceramic cups can be made into various models.

It is rich in art and can be made into various graphics, animal and fruit shapes and various theme elements.

3. Ceramic cups are easy to decorate patterns

A cup can be pasted, heat transfer, and has unique design patterns, such as a friend's birthday. You can design your favorite style and patterns, and design some slogans to show your personality. You can also put it in the gift box to make the gift cup more exquisite.

4. Ceramic cup is very practical

People can't leave water every day. Drinking enough water every day is good for your health, because you can't drink water without a cup. There are many kinds of ceramic gift cups, which can meet people's drinking water needs at different times and different periods of time. Ceramic gift cups can be divided into thermos cups, mugs, coffee cups, thermos cups, personal office cups and energy health cups. According to their category, there are suitable cups in most cases, and their thermal insulation can bring you convenience.

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