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Decorative Decal Technology

February 10, 2022

In daily life, we often see ceramic bowls and plates with exquisite patterns on them. They are very beautiful and exquisite. The flower surface on ceramics is not only resistant to high temperature, but also will not fall off and change color. But do you know how those flower noodles are made? In fact, ceramics is an ancient traditional handicraft in China, which embodies China's history and culture for thousands of years. Ceramic technology has made continuous progress. At present, decal technology is basically used for the flower surface of daily-use ceramics.

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Ceramic decal is a method of pasting the color pattern on the decal paper onto the ceramic body or glaze, also known as "flower removal". It is the most widely used decorative technology in modern ceramics. There are overglaze color decals and underglaze color decals. Overglaze decals include film decals, clear water decals and glue decals. Underglaze Decal refers to the decal that only prints the outline of the pattern on the decal paper, and then fills it manually after pad printing; There is also a disposable line color called Decal with water. There are two kinds of decals: paper and plastic film. Decals made of paper must be uncovered and cleaned. After the invention of film decal, there is no need to uncover and other processes, which is convenient for mechanized continuous operation.

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