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How to choose a teapot?

February 10, 2022

To make a good pot of tea, the teapot is very important. A useful teapot must be comfortable to hold, so when choosing a teapot, you can hold it in your hand first. If conditions permit, you'd better try with water. A teapot is an appliance with a spout for making and pouring tea.

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1. Observe the texture of the teapot

When choosing a teapot, check whether the color is moist; You can also put the pot in your hand and gently stir the lid to listen to the sound of the pot. If it makes a crisp sound, it means that the quality of the pot is good. If the voice is dull or high pitched and sharp, the texture is not good.

2. Whether the water from the teapot flows smoothly

The spout is for the convenience of water. The most important thing is that the water outlet should be unblocked and uninterrupted.

3. Can making accuracy

Fill the teapot with more than half a pot of water. If there is no leakage, it indicates that the sealing of the pot is good.

4. Smell the teapot

When buying a new pot, there may be a bit of local flavor, but if you smell the bad smell of the pot, it will be bad, such as chemical smell and oil taste.

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