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How to buy chopsticks?

February 10, 2022

In daily life, every household has a chopstick barrel. When purchasing, you need to pay attention to the selection according to different materials, which can be measured by workmanship, whether there is a drain design at the bottom, capacity, etc. So, how should we choose chopsticks?

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1. Check whether the materials are safe and healthy, not easy to aging, whether high-quality environmental protection materials are used and durable.

2. When selecting ceramic chopsticks, touch it with your hand to see whether the surface is rough or smooth and delicate. If the surface is rough, it is inferior. It is not recommended to buy.

3. Check whether there is a drainage design at the bottom of the chopstick barrel to prevent the ponding at the bottom from breeding bacteria.

4. When selecting bamboo chopsticks, it depends on whether the bamboo is carbonized. The carbonized bamboo chopsticks are not easy to crack.

5. Check whether there are burrs and unevenness in the workmanship.

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