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Is it better to cover the bowl or teapot for making tea?

February 10, 2022

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of tea for making tea: teapot and bowl. The two tea sets also have their own advantages. We choose them according to our tea making habits. Its function and structure are different. Different tea suits different tea sets. Different tea sets have different prices and different qualities. Everyone has different preferences.

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1. The advantage of using teapot is convenient operation. Add dry tea, heat water, cover the teapot and make tea basically.

2. Cover the bowl can emit some heat, reduce odor irritation and make the cover smell more fragrant. If you use a teapot, you can smell tea more easily. It's not as good as a bowl with a lid.

3. It is more convenient to use and clean the cover bowl and see the leaf bottom than the teapot, which is probably the reason why most people like to make tea with the cover bowl.

4. In terms of operation, when brewing, the bowl is hot and easy to break; The teapot is easy to use, but it is troublesome to clean and easy to fall off during cleaning. Due to heat dissipation, the temperature of tea making in covered bowl is relatively lower than that in teapot. It can be said that making tea in a covered bowl is more foam resistant than making tea in a teapot.

5. The heat dissipation of the cover bowl is relatively fast. When the cover bowl is filled with water, the cooled cover bowl and tea surface will absorb part of the heat, reduce the water temperature, reduce the release of dissolved substances and reduce the mellow feeling. The teapot has strong heat insulation and slow heat dissipation, which helps the tea release dissolved substances.

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