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What flower pot is good for growing flowers?

February 09, 2022

Many friends like planting flowers. For them, choosing flowerpots is very important, because all kinds of flowers and plants have different growth characteristics. Some like different shapes, some like simple styles, and some like dry or wet ones. You should choose the flowerpot according to the characteristics of your flowers and the needs of the place where they are placed.

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1. Ceramic flowerpot

It is made of various soils, processed and formed, and then calcined in a kiln. Due to different processing methods, it can be divided into tile pots, glazed pots, porcelain pots, purple sand pots and plastic flower pots.

2. Glassware

The air permeability is not good, so you can't water more. In summer, glassware must be placed in a cool place, and the waterproof layer must be paved with glassware first. Ceramsite or large light stone can be used.

3. Wooden flowerpot

The flower cultivation container made of all kinds of wood has the advantages of light weight, good air permeability, strong moisture and fertilizer retention and low cost. In addition, they can be shaped and processed according to the shape and size of the balcony and the requirements of flower cultivation.

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