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Advantages and disadvantages of glass tea set

February 09, 2022

In daily life, many people like glass products. Therefore, glass tea sets are also rising rapidly. This is also because glass is transparent, shiny and plastic. The tea sets made with it have different shapes, wide uses, low price and convenient purchase. They are deeply welcomed by everyone. However, glass tea sets also have advantages and disadvantages.

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1. Maximize tea aroma.

Glass tea set has high density, low porosity, poor water absorption and will not absorb the taste of tea. Different teas do not cross taste. Brew tender green tea with glass tea set, the tea fragrance is not easy to be absorbed, and still retains the crisp original flavor.

2. Easy to clean

It is easy to clean after making tea without dirt residue.

3. Low cost

In most cases, the price is lower than other tea sets and is easy to buy.

4. The appearance is very dazzling

The glass is transparent and malleable. The tea sets made of glass have different shapes, bright and beautiful.

II. deficiencies

1. Fragile texture

The texture is fragile and may be damaged if you are not careful in the brewing process.

2. Relatively hot

When freshly brewed tea is poured into a glass, do not hold it directly in your hand. The fly in the ointment is.

3. Low artistic value

The craft is not strong, the artistic value is not high, and there is no great collection value.

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