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Can hot water ironing and washing tableware have real disinfection effect?

February 08, 2022

In daily life, people have a habit, because they do not trust the sanitation and disinfection of restaurant tableware, they can feel at ease by washing or soaking chopsticks, spoons and other tableware with hot water or tea before meals. Does this common hot water soak achieve the desired disinfection purpose?

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Nowadays, scientific knowledge has been deeply rooted in people's minds. It is well known that bacteria and viruses are the source of infectious diseases, many of which are spread by eating. Tableware disinfection is to prevent disease from entering the mouth, and hot water disinfection is to kill bacteria and viruses on tableware. Heat actually kills bacteria and viruses and uses heat as a means of killing microbes. This method is called pasteurization. To kill microorganisms on cutlery, use just boiling water and keep it at that temperature for a few minutes; But the hot water and tea served by the waiter didn't meet this requirement. Although this kind of disinfection method commonly used by diners can kill some microorganisms, it can not achieve the desired goal of sanitary disinfection, so the tableware on the table only plays a psychological comfort role.

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