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What kind of ceramic pot is better?

A good ceramic pot not only has a good experience, but also has a long service life, which is determined by the quality of the ceramic pot itself. So what kind of ceramic pot is a good pot?How do you tell if it's going to work?

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1. Feel comfortable. A good ceramic pot will not sting when you touch it.

2. There is an echo when it is knocked. You can also use your hand to judge the quality of the ceramic pot. It's good to hear the echo.

3. The gloss is good, the ceramic is delicate, the surface glaze quality is high, the brightness is uniform, the gloss is good, and the surface of the inferior ceramic pot will be dim.

4. Reasonable structure, complete overall structure, round pot body, smooth inner wall, no protruding sand.

5.Price also affects the quality of ceramic POTS to a certain extent, so try not to choose products with low prices when buying.

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