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Tableware and the meaning of food culture

February 08, 2022

Tableware is a necessity of modern family life. It has a long history with human diet culture, and it is gradually improved and enriched with the evolution and development of diet civilization. Tableware in different periods and regions has its own distinctive times and regional characteristics, which is the epitome of specific cultural context and artistic modeling.

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China has a long history of food culture. In some families, food has become an art form. Tableware has always been considered an important part of food culture. Can be said to be the extension of food culture, also can be said to be the product of human civilization. Today's tableware is also rich and diverse, white ceramic tableware, which has played a contrast and foil to the rich Sichuan cuisine. In addition, still have the modelling of a few individuation, the tableware with irregular modelling such as cup, bowl, dish, it is contemporary youth loves most. In the pursuit of material and spiritual double life background, more and more materials, colors and concepts are applied to tableware design, tableware design direction also presents a diversified development.

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