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What if the lid of the seasoning bottle can't be opened?

January 25, 2022

There are condiment bottles in the kitchen, beverage bottles in the fridge and pickle bottles on the table, especially those glass bottles with metal caps. They can't be opened even if they are hard. So, what method should we use to open the bottle cap?

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1. Pry open with a spoon

You can pry open the bottle cap with a stainless steel spoon. If a little gas enters, you can easily open the bottle.

2. Soak in hot water

If you encounter a bottle that is difficult to pry with a spoon, you can try to pour boiling water into the bowl, soak the mouth of the bottle for a few seconds, then wrap it with a towel and twist it, and then unscrew it quickly. The bottle can be opened easily by the principle of thermal expansion.

3. Cover rotator

According to the size of the bottle cap, select the appropriate type of screw cap, and put the serrated part on the bottle cap. Just turn it by hand.

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