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Four standard ceramic tea sets

January 24, 2022

In ancient times, people not only paid attention to the way of drinking tea, but also paid great attention to the art of ceramic tea sets themselves. Exquisite tea sets complement each other in color, aroma and taste. With the prosperity of tea drinking and the evolution of tea drinking customs in different times, tea sets have rich types and exquisite texture.

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1. Tea pot

There are many styles of pots, ranging from small to orange, melon shaped, persimmon shaped, plum shaped, etc. The colors are cinnabar, ancient iron chestnut, purple mud, etc. From the material point of view, there are purple clay pots, porcelain pots, glass pots, iron pots, etc.

2. Tea cup

Small and shallow, thin and white. Take a SIP; Shallow water does not leave the bottom; White as jade is used to set off the tan color; Thin as paper, fragrant.

3. Tea tray

This tea set is rich in texture and diverse in style. But no matter what style, the most important is the four character formula: wide, flat and shallow. That is, the disk should be wide, so you can put more cups according to the number of guests; The bottom of the plate should be flat to prevent the teacup from being unstable and easy to shake; The edge should be light and the color should be light, which is to set off the teacup and teapot and make them look good.

4. Washing tea

The shape of tea is like a big bowl, with many tones and colors. There are three necessities for making Kung Fu Tea: one is to make a cup, the other is to make a pot, and the third is to wash a cup with water to make tea.

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