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The significance of tableware and food culture

January 24, 2022

In today's era, our life rhythm and eating habits are different from those before. We should further understand and analyze modern tableware, explore the development trend of tableware, and extend and develop in the direction of adapting to modern lifestyle and adopting new technology and materials.

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1. Tableware is a necessity of family life. Its history is far above human food culture, and it is gradually improved and enriched with the evolution and development of food civilization. Tableware in different periods and regions have their own distinctive characteristics of the times and regions, which is the epitome of the specific cultural context and artistic modeling. In this sense, well-designed high-grade tableware has a very broad market prospect.

2. Food culture is a culture that China can be proud of and easily accepted by all countries in the world. China is placed in the background of globalization. The ancient design culture is very simple. With the continuous development of design art, those simple and isolated art no longer exist. Chinese food culture has a long history, and food has become an art form in some families. Tableware has always been regarded as an important part of food culture. It can be said that it is the extension of food culture and the product of human civilization.

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