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The influence of coffee culture on coffee set design

January 23, 2022

With the further development of globalization, more and more people have formed the habit of drinking tea or coffee. Maybe many people don't know much about the culture of coffee and tea. Taking the Western coffee culture and Chinese tea culture represented by the coffee culture of the United States, France and Italy as the introduction, this paper analyzes the influence of culture on coffee and tea set design, which is conducive to mutual understanding and cultural exchange between China and the West.

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(1) Materials and technology

In the West, coffee sets are considered a daily necessity for an elegant and fashionable life. Because of its advantages of easy cleaning and cleaning, ceramic materials have been loved and used by the masses for a long time. There is also a special material, bone China, that slows the temperature of the coffee in the cup. You can only see it in elegant cafes. The production process of coffee sets includes grouting, pulling and hand making.

(2) Modeling and functionality

Coffee sets are usually matched, including POTS and sugar jars, milk jars, cups and plates, etc. Complete set of coffee set whether the design should pay attention to deserve to act the role of the modelling of unified coordination, modelling concise, beautiful, straight, which is easier to form aesthetic feeling, when use the glass not too big, generally use the cup should be about half of the capacity, but a bigger at the top, the bottom line to smooth, elegant and generous appearance, color should be pure. People hope that a coffee set is more and more convenient and reasonable to use, which is the demand for the basic coffee set and the basis for people to form aesthetic concepts. To be more specific, the practical function of coffee set is to give full consideration to human factors in the design and apply ergonomics reasonably to the design and manufacturing, so that the functional design and shape design of products are more reasonable.

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