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Can I put a microwave on a stainless steel plate?

January 23, 2022

With the wide use of microwave ovens, many people have spare microwave ovens in their kitchens. Can stainless steel plates used at home be put in the microwave? It should be noted that stainless steel plates are not allowed to be heated in the microwave oven.

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Stainless steel plate cannot be heated in microwave oven, because metal can only reflect microwave and cannot penetrate and absorb. If you put the stainless steel plate in the microwave, the food in it can't be heated.

1. It is forbidden to use metal utensils when heating in the microwave oven, because the iron, aluminum, stainless steel and other utensils put into the oven will produce electric sparks and reflect microwave when heating in the microwave oven, which will not only damage the oven body, but also heat cooked food.

2. Avoid using closed containers: wide mouth containers should be used when heating liquids, because the heat generated by food heating in the closed containers is not easy to dissipate, and the pressure in the containers is too high, which is easy to lead to explosion accidents. When cooking food with shells, you should also pierce the shells with needles or chopsticks in advance to avoid bursting after heating, splashing water, soiling the furnace wall, or hurting people.

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