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How to deal with moldy tableware?

January 23, 2022

What about moldy tableware and vegetable board? Probably because the cleaning is not clean, and there are substances that can help bacteria reproduce, so the fundamental way to prevent mildew is cleaning. Microorganisms are everywhere in the air. Tableware will inevitably be exposed to the air, so it is impossible to eliminate "bacteria". So, how should we deal with it?

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1. Ceramic, stainless steel and metal tableware

Even if there is mold in these tableware, we can wash it directly, boil it for sterilization, and then continue to use it. These things themselves can not add nutrition to the weight of mold, nor absorb water, so only washing and drying can avoid mold again. Wipe the iron pot after it is moldy or rusty, pour out the water after boiling, wipe the pot dry with a small fire, and wipe some edible oil on the surface, it will be as clean as new.

2. Wooden ware

For example, if you buy wooden chopsticks or vegetable boards at home, it is easy to breed mold. Even if these things are washed, they will grow mold. In addition to cleaning up the food residue as soon as possible, wash it clean enough and blow dry. When storing chopsticks head and chopping board, they should be upright, which is conducive to timely air drying.

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