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How to choose a soup pot?

January 22, 2022

Soup pot is a kind of cooker used to make a lot of soup on the top of the stove. The lid of this soup pot is very tight and the bottom is heavy and thick to prevent the raw materials from burning. So, how should we choose the right soup pot?

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1. Thermal conductivity: when selecting soup pot, products with good thermal conductivity and uniform heating shall be selected.

2. Look at the bottom of the pot: the bottom of the soup pot should be double bottom, that is, the bottom of the pot should be triple bottom. Boiling water will soon boil, and it is not easy to paste the pot when boiling soup.

3. Thickness of pot wall: since soup cooking is a time-consuming and slow stewing work, the wall of the soup pot should be thick and the weight of the soup pot should be heavy.

4. Choose depth: it is recommended to choose a deep pot with a small mouth and a curved pot body, which can save energy and make the soup better.

5. Look at the shape: the most common are true shape and apple shape. The straight shape is the two wall lines of the soup pot, which are parallel lines; Apple shaped apples are heteromorphic apples. Even if the height is not high, the capacity is actually larger than that of a straight pot of the same height.

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