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Soup pot material which is better?

January 21, 2022

Soup pot is used to cook soup pot, material is generally stainless steel, aluminum, titanium. Soup POTS Aside from soups, they can be used for stews, sauces, and anything that requires a large pot to cook on the stove, so it's practical to choose a pot that can be used to cook many different foods. So what is the good material for the soup pot?

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  1. 1.Ceramic soup pot

Advantages: ceramic pot fine texture, smooth wall surface, easy to clean, high aesthetic degree, can be directly used as tableware.

Disadvantages: ceramic pot surface contains glaze coating, stew for a long time, easy to lead to the separation of chemical substances, into the soup, affecting health.

2. Stainless steel soup pot

Advantages: stainless steel pot capacity is usually large, fast heat conduction, high heat transfer, material firm, durable

Disadvantages: stainless steel pot is easy to heat uneven, easy to stew food nutrients loss, boiled soup is relatively light.

3. Glass soup pot

Advantages: glass pot is integrated, does not contain heavy metals, no non-stick coating, used for stew soup is more secure, and the inner wall is smooth, easy to clean; Transparent texture, high aesthetic degree.

Disadvantages: compared with the general soup pot, glass pot is a little heavy, but also more fragile

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