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Is the mug suitable for microwave ovens?

January 21, 2022

Microwave oven is the most commonly used cooking stove today. They are simple and convenient for heating food. They are one of the essential stoves in many family kitchens. However, not all tableware and water utensils are suitable for microwave ovens. Can regular cups be heated in the microwave?

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There are many styles and materials of mugs. The design of single-sided handle has good thermal insulation performance. Whether the cup is suitable for microwave oven depends on the material of the cup. Generally speaking, porcelain cups are mostly used in daily life. The ceramic cup can be heated in a microwave oven, but if it needs to be heated for a long time or frequently, you need to choose a heat-resistant ceramic cup. If you just want to be warm, ordinary ceramics will do. Gold, silver and platinum plated cups cannot be heated in the microwave oven, and cups made of stainless steel, aluminum, wood and ordinary plastic are not suitable for the microwave oven. Generally, the mug suitable for microwave oven will be marked, or relevant information can be found in the product details.

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