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How to correctly place the plate?

January 21, 2022

Setting out tableware is an indispensable etiquette procedure in banquet activities. According to different banquet types and national customs, the etiquette and norms of table decoration are also different. In the banquet, how should the tableware be placed in order to make the dining table beautiful?

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1. The plates shall be placed neatly and symmetrically. Too many plates will make the table messy and inconvenient for guests to eat, which is neither beautiful nor convenient. When placing plates, pay special attention to whether the tableware is clean and placed regularly on the table. Western tableware can be placed at the table according to the simple rule of left fork and right knife. Chinese banquets use chopsticks. You can put chopsticks on one side and knives and forks on the other side to form symmetry.

2. The exquisite tableware coordinated with the dining environment will leave a good impression on the diners, and the tableware that complements the dining environment will amaze the guests. It can also make guests feel sincere hospitality. When receiving guests, the host should try to integrate the table with the surrounding environment, so as not to be out of place and bring discomfort to the guests.

3.Table decoration is also essential

Add accessories or fabrics on the dining table to add a touch of color to the original monotonous dining table, so that the dining table doesn't look so empty. Bowl mats are also used from time to time, in good order.

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