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How to buy Household spoon?

January 20, 2022

Spoon is a common tableware, which is often used for soup and rice. According to different materials, there are mainly wooden spoon, stainless steel spoon, porcelain spoon, plastic spoon, etc., and the purposes of different materials are also different. When selecting household spoons, pay attention to different selection standards of different materials.

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1. When selecting a wooden spoon, choose a wooden spoon with texture. Wooden spoon is also the spoon of choice for many families. They are made of wood. When choosing a wooden spoon, you should choose a spoon with smooth surface, fine texture and texture. This kind of wooden spoon is well made and can be used better.

2. When selecting the porcelain spoon, the crystal clear spoon shall be selected. Porcelain spoon is also a common spoon. A good-looking porcelain spoon can give people a sense of beauty. When choosing porcelain spoon, you should choose some porcelain spoon that looks shiny and crystal clear. The porcelain spoon is in place when firing, with high crystal density and high porcelain surface strength.

3. When selecting stainless steel spoon, choose corrosion-resistant spoon. Stainless steel spoon is made of stainless steel. The quality mainly depends on the quality of the material. Choose the spoon made of 304 stainless steel, which is food grade and safer. When choosing a stainless steel spoon, choose a spoon with a smooth and thick surface. Such spoons should be more resistant to high temperature and corrosion.

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