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How to buy aromatherapy machine?

January 20, 2022

Now the air is getting drier and drier, people will add an aromatherapy machine to humidify at home. However, many customers who buy aromatherapy machines for the first time do not know what aspects to choose from, nor do they know what purchase mistakes they have made. As an indoor product, the safety performance of aromatherapy machine is the primary consideration.

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1. The shell materials generally include ceramics, glass, ABS, etc., because the aromatherapy machine of these materials is relatively heat-resistant, can be used for a long time and has rich shapes. The former is elegant and simple in appearance, while the latter is gorgeous and crystal clear.

2. In terms of workmanship, choose beautiful, generous and exquisite ones.

3. Apply 3C certification to qualified aromatherapy machine

4. The noise is directly related to the comfort of the aromatherapy machine, so special attention should be paid to the noise when selecting. The high-quality aromatherapy machine has a low operating sound, no vibration during operation, uniform and fine fog and no large particles of water droplets.

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