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Material type of kitchen utensils

January 18, 2022

The kitchen is a place full of smoke and fire in the world. All kinds of kitchenware and kitchen appliances make efforts for our catering. Each kind of kitchenware glows and heats in its own position. We need to know the material, type, placement and storage of kitchenware.

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1. Ceramic kitchenware

The utility model relates to a corrosion-resistant and easy to clean kitchen utensil, which is healthy and safe. The decoration methods of ceramic kitchenware are divided into three kinds: overglaze color, underglaze color and underglaze color. Among them, overglaze pigments contain harmful elements, which will dissolve when heated. Overglaze tableware is rarely used by people. Consumers should choose ceramic tableware with underglaze color when purchasing, which is not only healthy and practical, but also high-grade.

2. Iron kitchenware

Generally speaking, iron tableware is non-toxic, but iron is easy to rust, and rust can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other diseases. Iron containers should contain oil substances. Oil is easy to oxidize and deteriorate if it is stored in iron for too long.

3. Aluminum kitchenware

It is easy to be oxidized and corroded, aluminum has low strength, is afraid of deformation and collision, is easy to adsorb, bacteria breed, blackens after oxidation, is not easy to wipe, and affects the appearance.

4. Bamboo and wood kitchenware

Most of them are bamboo chopsticks, which are economical and practical, but bamboo and wood are easy to breed and pollute. When using, they should be brushed clean, dried and ventilated.

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