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What's the difference between a coffee cup and a tea cup?

January 18, 2022

Nowadays, with the fast-paced life in the city, coffee has become an essential drink for office workers in order to improve the work effect and maintain an abundant mental state. Of course, there is also a traditional and healthy drink, tea. So what's the difference between two different drinks?

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For coffee cups, some people like to use ceramic cups with thick texture to hold deep roasted coffee. However, most people still use ceramic cups to interpret the delicate aroma of coffee. For tea cups, porcelain lamps are more suitable. The basic type is small open feet and inclined straight wall. It is generally smaller than rice bowls and larger than wine cups, which is convenient for viewing tea color and brewing process. Coffee cups usually have thick walls and narrow mouth, and generally have straight mouth. The cup mouth with thick wall has radian design, which is easy to fit the lips. The tea cup has a thin bottom, a wide mouth and high light transmittance. In order to spread the aroma of tea and facilitate the appreciation of the color of black tea.

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