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Nordic emerald Phnom Penh ceramic pot for soup set of 9

Creative and unique crown painted gold soup pot ceramic set, high-quality ceramics integrated, easy to use, no cracking, no bottom off. The tableware surrounded by Phnom Penh adds a touch of spiritual movement to it, which is as natural as running water, showing a light and luxurious style, and the temperature of hand against heart adds warmth to the utensils. Double ear anti scalding Phnom Penh soup pot, comfortable to carry. Creative crown cover, decorate your table and make the table a different color. The texture is full, which brings a different atmosphere to the dining table, and the beauty is different. The gold-plated shelf hanging place can be accommodated, save space, give you a clean kitchen and enjoy a pleasant time. Clear and delicate porcelain, elegant and chic, helps you create a light, luxurious and elegant fun light.







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Name:Nordic emerald Phnom Penh ceramic pot for soup set of 9
Place of Origin:Chaozhou
Material:high-quality ceramic + electroplating
Notice:Suitable for dishwashers and sterilizers, gold-plated products are not suitable for microwaves and ovens

Popular double handle design, comfortable touch, convenient application and durability. A multi-purpose bowl can hold soup, dessert, oatmeal bowl, etc. Say goodbye to boxed fast food, wash the ingredients and put them into the pot easily. Just wait a little, and you can start a feast of taste buds. With the longing for a better life, you can give it to yourself and your friends. It is also a comfortable life.

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