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Can the ceramic pot be used on the induction cooker?

January 17, 2022

Ceramic pot is a common stew appliance at home. It is made of clay at high temperature. Because it is not a magnetic material, it can not be heated on an induction cooker. Ceramic pot is a good choice for stewing soup and meat. Induction cooker is also one of the commonly used kitchenware in families. It is convenient and fast to fry and hot dishes with induction cooker at ordinary times. Can ceramic pot be heated on induction cooker?

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No, because porcelain can't be heated on an induction cooker. Induction cooker is a kitchen appliance that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert electric energy into heat energy. The magnetic force line in the magnetic field passes through the metal ware, and countless small eddy currents are generated in the bottom metal body, making the ware itself heat at high speed. Only the metal ware can react with the induction cooker to generate a magnetic field. The ceramic pot itself is a ceramic product, and it is not a magnetic conductive material, so it can not be heated by an induction cooker.

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