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How to clean the straw of the straw cup?

January 17, 2022

Straw cup is a convenient tool for drinking water. Although this cup is convenient to eat, it has a very troublesome place, that is, it is easy to deposit scale and is not easy to wash off. So, how to clean it?

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1. Straw brush

In daily life, when buying a straw cup, you will bring a straw brush. You can directly use the straw brush to clean the straw. If there is no complimentary straw brush, you can buy it in the store by yourself.

2. Clean the straw with salt

Detergent such as detergent is not easy to rinse, and cleaning straw is not recommended. You can pour a small amount of salt into the straw, then hold the straw with your fingers and turn it a few times. Once you flush it with water, the dirt will flow away with the salt.

3. Clean the straw with wool

Use a slightly larger hairpin and choose a wool of the same thickness as the straw. Use a hairpin to put the wool in from one end, pull it out from the other end, and then pull the wool back and forth a few times. The inner wall of the straw will become transparent, which is no different from that just bought.

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