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Precautions for using stainless steel tableware

January 17, 2022

Stainless steel tableware is known as the rookie in tableware because of its gorgeous appearance, sanitation, durability and easy cleaning. It is favored by people. If it is not used properly, it will also deform and change color, reduce its service life, and even affect people's health. Therefore, we should correctly use stainless steel tableware and learn its precautions.

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1. Pay attention to the maintenance of tableware: if there is an error on the bottom of the pot, stick the ash and burn it, soak it in hot water, and then scrape it gently with bamboo and wood chips. Do not scrape it with sharp tools such as shovel and kitchen knife. Doing so will damage the protective layer of stainless steel and can not play the role of rust prevention. Avoid collision with hard objects and handle with care to avoid scars and irregularities, which will affect the sealing function.

2. When using stainless steel tableware, do not cook and store acidic food. They will promote the release of substances contained in stainless steel tableware into the food, which is harmful to human health.

3. Wipe the water stains on the bottom of the pot before use to avoid chemical reaction caused by coal fire, corroding the bottom of the pot and affecting the service life.

4. After using for a period of time, the surface finish gradually presents a fog shape. Just wipe it gently with a soft cloth dipped in decontamination powder.

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